About Brian Beland

A leader in home finance

Brian Beland is an experienced mortgage loan specialist with more than 17 years of experience in helping clients achieve the American Dream. He is based out of the El Dorado Hills, CA, area, where he has put in the hard work and dedication required to break the top 400 list of highest financial producers in the country.

After earning his Bachelor’s degree with the university of Nevada, Reno, Brian joined the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage family. He took to the position of Mortgage Loan Officer quickly, becoming ranked as a top 1% of Wells Fargo loan officers and setting countless funding records in mortgage units and mortgage volume for the Southern California regions. His instinct for self-starting pushed him towards personalizing his own marketing and advertising, soliciting a wide number of new clients and self-generating leads. Brian’s focus was on helping clients understand if they qualified for home loans, and how they can best position themselves for future success.

For 4 years, Brian Beland served with Wells Fargo, but his time eventually ended. In 2011, he moved to a new position of Senior Mortgage Loan Officer with the Bank of America, servicing the areas of Chula Vista and Sacramento. He continued to impress, once again breaking into the top 1% of loan officers working with the bank and setting records – now in the Northern California region. While working with the Bank of America, Brian began to hold seminars focused on the topics of homebuying, down payment assistance, veteran’s loans, credit repair, and strategies to convert from a renter to a homeowner. For another 4 years, Brian Beland established a formidable career with Bank of America, but in 2015 he moved on to a new position.

With Guaranteed Rate, Brian Belend was the Vice President of Mortgage Lending, as well as the Branch Manager. His dedication and commitment to providing the best mortgages possible provided him with the upward momentum to rise in the ranks of the industry very quickly. While he was VP and Branch Manager, he continued to provide his own service to clients in addition to his higher-level work. He never viewed his work in management as something that set him above the one-on-one work with clients, and he continued to provide excellent mortgage service.

Brian Belend’s work in managerial positions gave him a taste for overseeing larger volumes of loans, as well as finding more and more fulfillment with his marketing and prospecting of clients. These allowed him to move into his current position with the American Mortgage Network in El Dorado Hills, California. He is a part-owner, Senior Vice President, and Senior Mortgage Loan Officer with the company. His in-depth knowledge of mortgages and the many loan programs available has made him invaluable to the people of El Dorado Hills. 

Brian Belend has been in the top 1% of loan officers across all companies every year since 2009. His focus on self-marketing and prospecting new sources of clients has allowed him to build his portfolio very quickly, and has led him to a long-term and high-level success that not many achieve. He continues to provide his clients with the best in financial services.

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